• SAF-W8s


    Our Factory-Sealed SAF-W8s are designed to stand up to the most intense workout routines. Each Factory-Sealed SAF-W8 comes filled with exactly 10lbs of sand-like material, and is hand-stiched for a secure closure that is guaranteed never to spill.

    • 1 Factory-Sealed

      Special Price: $14.99

    • 3 Factory-Sealed

      Special Price: $39.99

    • 5 Factory-Sealed

      Special Price: $67.99


    Our Self-Fill SOFT-W8s are designed with the strongest velcro closure that will remain closed no matter how hard your workout gets. The Self-Fill feature allows you to vary the amount of weight (up to 10lbs) of each shell, for more intense or relaxed workouts.Take advantage of our special promotion offer, and get FREE shipping when you order 3 or more Self-Fill SpeedSac SAF-W8s!

    • 1 Self-Fill SAF-W8s

      Special Price: $7.50

    • 2 Self-Fill SAF-W8s

      Special Price: $14.00

    • 5 Self-Fill SAF-W8s

      Special Price: $35.00

    • 9 Self-Fill SAF-W8s

      Special Price: $62.00

    • 12 Self-Fill SAF-W8s

      Special Price: $80.00

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