Cross Training with the Speedsac™ is…

    • The latest, form of cross training!
    • It’s a full body workout!
    • Functional Athletic Strength Training at its best!
    • A proven method for speed and strength development that is administered in a digestible, convenient, safe results oriented manor!

    With Speedsac™ Cross Training, technique and safety are paramount! Involuntary muscles responsible for balance and coordination are fully engaged! The results are a tighter core, better balance, increased stamina, and the ability to exercise and/or perform at a high level for a longer period of time.

    Our Speedsac™ workshops will empower and enable you to manufacture these types of workouts with enthusiasm and confidence!! You will be inspired by the fact you are delivering the results you promised and while helping athletes reach their goals!!!

    The Speedsac™ Workshop includes:
    • 6-8 Hour Training by Certified SSXT (Speedsac™ Cross Trainer) Instructor
    • SSXT Training Manual

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