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    • The Original SpeedSac™ promotes the development of explosive leg drive out of the blocks. Our variable weight sled allows you to strengthen your lower body muscles by resistance training similar to metal sleds. With removable weights, the SpeedSac™ allows you to adjust the towing resistance. You can also use the handles on the bags to perform various upper and lower body exercises such as lunges or front raises.

    • The unique design of the Original SpeedSac™ offers its user an innovative belt-clip closure that holds the SpeedSac™ SAF-W8s securely in place.

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    • The Original SpeedSac™ SAF-W8s offer dedicated athletes a variety of additional exercise options to add to their routine. From push-ups to lunges, from power-jumps to stomach crunches, you’ll find that the innovative handle design of our SAF-W8s turn your SpeedSac™ into a personal gym, no matter where you are!


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