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    SpeedSac™ is dedicated to those that are dedicated! We provide the latest in speed training equipment and we specialize in individual and/or team strength and conditioning programs. If your goal is to be the very best, here at SpeedSac™ share the same goal and commitment. Any Questions?


    1. Loaded sprint training primarily develops the gluteus muscle group as well as the hamstrings, quadriceps and the calf muscles.
    2. The SpeedSac™ Saf-Sled™ provides you with the proper amount of weight to effectively increase your speed and explosiveness.
    3. SpeedSac™ Saf-Sled™ allows a similar training to the conventional metal sleds without any of the inconveniences. It is 100% safe as it is made of low density materials.
    4. The SpeedSac™ will not rust, corrode or deteriorate in the elements and can be easily washed and cleaned with a common spray hose.
    5. The SpeedSac™ is extremely resistant and made for durability and can hold up to 50 lbs in increments of 10lbs.
    6. Easy to Store: 12 SpeedSac™ Saf-Sleds™ fit in the space of one metal sled.
    7. Team sport packages can come with an optional heavy duty transport wagon to be easily on and around the field.
    8. The SpeedSac™ factory sealed Soft Weights are made of low density heavy duty materials and filled with special proprietary dry granules that will not hold moisture, cake, or rot. They are easy to use but most importantly they are safe and prevent any hard impact or dangerous injuries that come so often from the use of traditional weights.


    Optimum amount of weight is provided for loaded sprint training.

    Does not impede your natural gate coming out of the blocks.

    Core workout routines stabilize your torso to enhance your ability to make multi directional moves and have better balance.

    Consistent participation in the suggested training program has yielded a 99.9% success rate with 40 yard dash times being reduced up to a 5/10 of a second.

    This complete body workout keeps you fresher longer enabling you to maintain a high level of performance over the course of a season.

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    Owner & Innovator AllSports Conditioning, Inc.

    picneededChristopher Gilberti was simply without a doubt raised as a gym rat in Upstate New York. His passion for sports and training go as far back as elementary school. His father was the Phys. Ed. teacher and the Athletic Director of his city’s largest high school and the Sports Director of the city’s Youth Bureau Recreation Department. He and his siblings literally grew up in a gym and on the inner city playgrounds. Although after college he pursued a career in Business his passion for athletics, sports and physical training never escaped his mind or lifestyle. While living in Venice Beach, CA he was introduced to Monte Nash who trained celebrities and pro athletes to get the most out of their bodies and increase their core agility long before it was a common practice. Together as they shared their industry passions and talked shop they came to develop not only the highly successful Speedsac you see here today but also one of the most intense and sought after cross training workouts available in the strength, speed and agility industry. Helping athletes to become bigger, faster, stronger and most of all more explosive is what fuels this company and their innovative product thinking. Today’s athlete has evolved from the one we knew just a decade ago. The competition has become fiercer while relying on sheer power and quickness. It’s no longer just about overall speed…it’s about explosiveness and spot on acceleration. As Chris often points out… “speed is no longer just measured in a straight line as so many athletes are fast, it’s your quickness and acceleration that sets you apart on the field.” The battle is always won in the first few strides; he who hesitates even for a split second has already lost.


    VP & Trainer AllSports Conditioning, Inc.

    monte1The Speed Training Triangle is a highly effective form of explosive speed training and conditioning that addresses many of the deficiencies that face today’s student athlete. Created by AllSports Conditoning, Inc. and Monte Nash a fitness trainer with over 20 years experience and a former student athlete at Rockhurst High School (Kansas City, MO). and Drake University (Des Moines, IA) Monte has had firsthand experience on what it takes to make an athlete faster and stronger. Monte’s credits and accomplishments are many but the most notable for this concept relates to the time he spent being sponsored by PowerBar along with the training he provided for NFL hall of famer Eric Dickerson. The compilation of acquired knowledge along with the innovation of ACI’s SPEEDSAC has resulted in the Speed Training Triangle. In the fall of 2007, Monte had the opportunity to be the varsity football strength and conditioning coach for Righetti High School in Santa Maria, CA. The difference between the 2006 campaign of (5-5) and the 2007 campaign of ( 6-4) is only one game, however, Righetti was 20th in the state of California and 76th in the nation in quarter back sacks, and they also ran an average of 6 more plays per game. There is a direct correlation with these stats and the increase in team speed. This form of training will allow more time for coaching and give the coach a faster and more conditioned student athlete to work with. The SPEEDSAC has made this possible for not only Righetti High School but multiple schools, collegiate sports and pro athletes across the globe. They rely on the training and conditioning the SPEEDSAC provides because quite simply…it works, and the results are proven daily!